Why A Bulldog?

Bulldogs are a very docile, gentle and lovable breed that lives a life span of 8 to 12 years and are great companions. Bulldogs tend to need little exercise and are a great indoor pet. They are not quick-tempered, and although they can be stubborn at times, they can be trained and have great abilities.

Bulldogs do have some concerns that make them a little bit more delicate than other breeds. They tend to not expel heat as fast as other dogs therefore it is best to keep them out of excessive heat and hydrated regularly. They also mostly require a c-section while delivery of birth due to the size of their pups heads causing natural birth to be difficult. Bulldogs have the label of being a lazy breed but this myth does not take in the factors of how the bulldogs take in information. Bulldogs have a tendency to be great observers and have a tendency to interpret everything going on. Once they interpret the information they prioritize the information and will react after patiently evaluating the commands against their value system before reacting.

sleepyIn general bulldogs come in different types such as English, American,and French Bulldogs. They are famously representing many associations such as colleges like Georgetown and Yale universities and is the mascot of the United States Marine Corps.


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